Off-the-shelf pulsatile irrigators are relatively inexpensive and easy for caregivers to use. One aspect providers must be aware of with pulsatile irrigators is that the piston-like motion of the irrigators encourages wound debris to be aerosolized, presenting a safety risk for caregivers.

Our treatment enclosure bags completely cover the wound site, capture fluid and debris and prevent exposure to any aerosolized particles. Our bags also make post-treatment cleanup easy and convenient. Simply drop everything into the bag, add the solidifier packet to turn the fluid into a semi-solid gel, and dispose of the bag as you would any other hazardous waste.

Our Wound Irrigation Kits contain everything you need to treat your patient’s wound. Contact us to learn more.

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See our device in action and learn more about the system and why it works so well through the following videos.

Perilav Trailer Video — Quick introduction to the Perilav wound irrigation system.

Perilav Summary Video — Learn about the Perilav wound irrigation system and see a sample treatment, all in less than 6 minutes.

Perilav Details Video — Everything you need to learn about the Perilav wound irrigation system.