A Novel Approach to Treating
Hard-to-Heal Wounds

Safe, Simple, Effective

What is Perilav?

The Perilav jet lavage system adapts time-tested surgical debridement methods to remove debris, necrosis and bioburden/biofilm in an easy to use, all-in-one treatment.
  • Our system can be used by any trained clinician to debride and clean wounds more effectively than any other irrigation method.
  • Our unique treatment enclosure bags make treatment safer and simpler by containing fluid and wound debris in an easily disposable bag.

An Innovative approach for treating acute and chronic wounds in all settings

Why Perilav?

Perilav addresses both removal of necrotic tissue and managing the bioburden thus promoting a clean, healthy environment in the wound bed.
  • Effective wound healing entails implementing 6 basic
    • Remove the cause
    • Remove the necrotic burden and epibole
    • Manage the bioburden
    • Maintain moist wound environment
    • Ensure adequate tissue perfusion
    • Ensure adequate nutrition
  • This simple approach to a complex clinical problem is
    designed to be delivered in any setting: hospital, skilled
    nursing facility, LTAC, outpatient clinic, and even the
  • With built-in safeguards, treatment procedures are much
    less risky for the patient and clinician.
  • The procedure is billable under selective debridement
    codes 97597 and 97598, and when used appropriately can be
    a revenue source for the facility or clinic.
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