What clinicians are saying

My first experience with the Perilav system was not a typical one. I have worked in long term care for 16 years and have been a WCC for 12 years. I have seen and treated all types of wounds in many different conditions, shapes, and forms.

I had a patient that was on Hospice services with a large arterial wound on the lower leg that was full of sticky, slimy slough. The wound carried a pungent odor that you could smell from the next room. We used the Perilav system to clean the wound with the intent of decreasing odor, necrotic tissue, and infection. The Perilav system was perfect for this patient! This patient had end stage MS and was bedridden for several weeks. We treated the patient at their bed side so she could stay comfortable. The system performed wonderfully in decreasing the necrotic tissue and reduced the odor significantly. It eliminated the need of expensive charcoal dressings and gave this patient a better quality of life for her remaining days.

PT, WCC, DWC, OMS – Home Health

One of the best products out there as I can use it on wounds with different etiologies. It helps reduce bioburden and helps aide in the removal of devitalized tissue, thus promoting formation of healthy granulation tissue. However, most importantly, it is SAFE and my patients have reported that it is painless. What more could we as clinicians ask for. A device with positive outcomes and high patient satisfaction rates.


Using the Perilav system has not only shown faster healing times, but has been a great revenue stream for our outpatient wound care center. With just two treatments a week followed by appropriate topical dressings, we have reduced the need for advanced therapies on a lot of wounds and lowered overall costs of managing our wounds.

MD – Wound Care Center